The single largest issue facing our community today is the lack of jobs.  By jobs, I don’t mean more restaurants or retail shops.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a new restaurant or shop as well as the next person.  But we need quality, high paying jobs that get our citizens working, insured and productive.

Many of the issues facing our community today are directly related to the high rate of unemployed or underemployed citizens.  Our struggling hospitals would be in much better shape if more of our citizens were covered by insurance, reducing the estimated 10%-15% annual revenue loss due to indigent care.  Studies have shown that lowering the employment rate in a area tends to result in lowering crime rates, making our neighborhoods, schools and streets safer for families.  More income for our citizens means more sales at local businesses, resulting in business growth and increased sales tax revenue.  Increased sales tax revenue provides a direct stimulus to our school system through the e-SPLOST.

As the District 145 Representative in Atlanta, I will:

  • Partner with our local economic development professionals and Chamber of Commerce executives to ensure that actions in Atlanta have a positive impact on our local businesses.
  • Support legislation that keeps Georgia as the #1 state in the country to do business
  • Support legislation that makes our community more competitive for new projects that come to Georgia
  • Introduce legislation to continue funding to redevelop the Central State Hospital campus. This campus is a tremendous asset and opportunity for our community.
  • Act as an ambassador for our community in Atlanta, building new relationships with key decision makers to make sure that we are front runners for new business opportunities.
  • Work with our regional partners to continue to develop our natural resources like Lake Sinclair, the Oconee River and trail projects.  These resources are critical in attracting both businesses and talent to our community.

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